Soft Arranger Package for Windows

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Soft Arranger Package for Windows

Soft Arranger is completely free. You are only required to subscribe to the Newsletter before you are able to download it. Once you have subscribed you will receive the password in the welcome message. This is mostly because so that while Soft Arranger is in beta stage you can be notified in case of any problem with the software.

NOTE: Some users with the Chrome browser on a Windows computer appear to be having difficulties with their password not working. If this is your case you can try with a different browser or email us requesting a direct download link.

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  1. What is the password to access the download

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Max,
      In a couple of weeks you won’t need a password but currently I’m just asking subscribers of the Soft Arranger Newsgroup to test it. If you would like to join them please sign up to the Newsletter and you will receive the password.

      • Hi, what should i do to test the app?
        Regards Dee

        • http://admin says: -#4

          Hi Dee,
          Thanks for your interests. For the moment before I make it available to the general public I’m letting subscribers of the Newsletter try it. If you would like to try it just subscribe and you will be receiving a post with the password.

  2. I want to try this software

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hello Hans,
      If you would like to try the current beta version of Soft Arranger please subscribe to the Newsletter where I’m asking subscribers to test it.

  3. Hello I am a musician, I would like to know this software =)

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Joao,
      Very soon it will be available to the general public. On the mean time if you would like to try it please join the Soft Arranger Newsletter to find out how.

  4. Hi! And where is the file for download?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Darek,
      Currently Soft Arranger is still in a early stage of beta testing and only subscribers of the Newsletter have access to it. If you would like to know how to try it please subscribe.

  5. Dear,
    how can I have the password to download the software for windows?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Simone,
      If you would like the password for trying Soft Arranger please subscribe to the Newsletter where I’m posting it for early adopters to test.

  6. Hello,
    A password is asked. How to obtain this password to download and try this soft?
    Thank you

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Dupont,
      Currently you need to be a subscriber of the Soft Arranger Newsletter to test the software. Once I’m confident it will work for the majority of users It will be made public without the need for a password. On the mean time if you would like to try it please subscribe to the Newsletter.

  7. how to get the password for downloading

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Magdy,
      Since Soft Arranger is in it’s early infancy I’m asking small groups of users to try it little by little. If you would like to test it please join the Newsletter to find out how.

  8. High There! I would like to test your Software! Would you please send me the Password for the download?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Martin,
      If you join the Soft Arranger please join the Newsletter and you will see the password posted.

      I hope you enjoy the software.

  9. I need a password to download the files!!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Goran,
      Temporarily you can get the password by subscribing to the Newsletter. If you prefer to wait, in a couple of weeks it should be available to the general public.

  10. hello, i have subscribed but didnt get the password.
    best regards

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Alen,
      I’ve been re sending the post with the password manually to new subscribers every few days so you probably missed it by a day or so. I will re send it right now and you should receive it right away.

      I hope you enjoy Soft Arranger. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments.

  11. Hi ,
    I have been waiting on the Download for over a year.
    Glad to notice that you are almost ready to release it.
    I have subscibed , hope to get the password soon.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Jazi,
      Sorry for the slow start. I expect to be more on top of this project now with at least a couple of new styles every week, regular tweaks to the application, new samples, video tutorials and who knows what else.

      I hope Soft Arranger lives up to your expectations. Please keep in mind that it is still only in it’s infancy and it still has a long way to go.

      I have just re sent the Newsletter so you should already have the password in your inbox.

  12. Hi ,
    I sent you an Email with Header “Soft Arranger v2.35.01 BETA TEST REPORT 1” to , hope you get it ok.
    If that is wrong address please Email me with the correct Email address.

  13. I’m going to see if I can get the pirate program somewhere else because there is no way to download it here

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi, I’m sorry to see you are having trouble with the download. I’m sure we can figure it out. I see you subscribed to the Newsletter and you have already been sent the password for downloading. What exactly is the problem you are having with the download?

  14. Lo felicito por este trabajo,ya me suscribí pero no he recibido aun el correo con el password. de antemano muchas gracias.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hola Rafael,
      Muchas gracias por tus comentarios. Tendría que haberte llegado la contraseña automáticamente. Te la he vuelto a enviar por mail.

      Espero que te guste el programa y me encantaría recibir tus comentarios.


  15. Hello, I want to compare this to OMB (One Man Band software) that I am using. I would need a password to download.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Michael,
      To be honest One Man Band has been around for many years so it is a much tighter program. It has many more features and is probably less buggy Than Soft Arranger. I know I tried it years ago and I can’t remember why but for some reason it didn’t meet my expectations or else I certainly wouldn’t have created Soft Arranger. Maybe it was the style format which is totally Yamaha oriented or that at that time it wasn’t very stage friendly.

      Since you are a OMB user I would be especially interested in your opinion of Soft Arranger.

      If you sign up to the Soft Arranger Newsletter you will get the password so that you can download and test the application.

  16. hola ya me subscribi pero no recibi el pasword

    • http://admin says: -#2

      A veces tarda un par de horas. Por si acaso no te llega te lo envío también por email.

      Espero que disfrutes probando el programa.


  17. Hi,
    I would be interested to test the “Soft Arranger” package…
    I have already put my email in the subscribe field and send it.
    How long ahouls I wait bfore I receive a Password for the download?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Giovanni,
      Usually it takes a couple of hours to be sent automatically. I just sent you the password by mail in case you don’t receive it automatically.

      I hope you enjoy the software and I look forward to hearing your comments.

  18. Hello ,

    i would like to test the arranger.
    Do you have a password for me ?

    Many greetings,


    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Roland,
      When you subscribe to the newsletter after a few hours you will automatically receive the password by mail.

      I’m currently requiring subscription to the newsletter because Soft Arranger is still in beta stage and I would like to have record of who has downloaded the software in case I need to contact you because of upgrades or if there is a serious bug.

      Don’t worry, you won’t receive more than one message per month (probably less) and you can unsubscribe when you like.


  19. Hello,
    I would like to test the arranger, and the email with the password has been sent to me, but unfortunately when I enter the password and try to download, it downloads a file called “link-expired.txt” and it says “Download link is expired. Please get new download link.”
    Can you help me with that?
    Kind regards;

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Josip,
      I just tried it and it works fine for me. Maybe it was just a glitch. Could you try again and let me know if you had any problems?


  20. I would also like to try the soft arranger. It asks my for a password. I already registered for the newsletter. Could i get the password please. Thank you

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Claus,
      Sometimes the system takes a couple of hours to send out the email with the password but if you haven’t received it after that it’s possible it has gone to your spam folder or something. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll send you the password myself.


  21. as you suggested i searched again my mail and also the spam folder, but i couldnd’t find the mail. Could you please send me the password.

  22. Bonjour jaimerais bien avoir ce logiciel pour apprendre la musique

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Bonjour Gatner,
      Soft Arranger est un programme permettant d’utiliser votre ordinateur comme un clavier arrangeur MIDI. Il est actuellement en cours de développement et en phase bêta, je souhaite donc rester en contact avec les personnes qui le téléchargent. Lorsque vous vous abonnez à la newsletter de Soft Arranger, vous recevez automatiquement le mot de passe pour télécharger le programme gratuitement.

      J’ai hâte d’entendre vos commentaires.

  23. Hello! I tried downloading for Windows with the correct password but opens a new tab and close inmediatly. Nothing happens! Thanks!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Ezequiel,
      This appears to be happening on some Windows machines lately for some reason. I am speaking to the people responsible for the downloads plugin of the Soft Arranger website but we haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

      I have confirmed that you are subscribed to the Newsletter already so on the mean time I’m sending you by email a link for downloading directly.

  24. Same issue as the guy above, tab opens and closes, no download happening – using the correct password, that is.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Yes, there seems to be a bug in the download manager that affects Chrome browsers under Windows.

      I have sent you an email with a link to download without the need for password.


  25. Hello
    I didn’t recieve the PASSWORD to my Email
    Thank you

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Eran,
      Sometimes the system takes a little bit to send the password. I have also sent it to you myself by email just in case.


  26. please give me free license for soft arranger I don’t have the money to buy a license

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hello Mihai,
      Soft Arranger is free. You don’t need to buy a license. When you subscribe to the newsletter automatically you will receive a password for the download.

  27. Bonjour,
    pouvez-vous me donner un lien de téléchargement pour votre logiciel car je n’arrive pas à m’inscrire au newletter.
    Merci d’avance

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Quel problème avez-vous eu pour vous abonner? J’ai entré votre e-mail et cela a parfaitement fonctionné. Vous recevrez le mot de passe automatiquement immédiatement.


  28. Hello. im very happy to know that you are still around the proyect… i have seen other similars that quit long ago. I didnt have problems with the downloading. In 2 days will arrive my yamaha pss 50 A. its a synthetizer and midi controller. i reallly hope that i can use it as an arranger with this…becasue arrangers are my favorites. if it does i will defanatelly will do a video to show people and encourage to use it.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Luigi, Thanks for your kind comments. Yes I am slow but stubborn 😉 I have made up my mind this will work and I don’t plan on giving up any time soon.

      As long as you can set your PSS 50 to transmit MIDI on CH 3 you should be fine. If you have any trouble drop me an email and I will help you sort it out.


  29. Hi, just subscribed to the news letter and waiting to receive the password. I’m so excited to try it out.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Chathura, I’m very happy to hear that. I hope you enjoy Soft Arranger and if you have any trouble or suggestions to make it better please contact me.


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