Soft Arranger Package for Mac

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Soft Arranger Package for Mac

Soft Arranger is completely free. You are only required to subscribe to the Newsletter before you are able to download it. Once you have subscribed you will receive the password in the welcome message. This is mostly because so that while Soft Arranger is in beta stage you can be notified in case of any problem with the software.

NOTE: Some users with the Chrome browser on a Windows computer appear to be having difficulties with their password not working. If this is your case you can try with a different browser or email us requesting a direct download link.

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  1. Been looking for this

  2. Quisiera probar soft pero no puedo descargarlo porque me pide una clave de descarga que debo hacer?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hola Jose,
      Muchas gracias por tu interés. De momento Soft Arranger está todavía en una fase bastante inicial de su desarrollo y por tanto solo lo están probando un pequeño grupo de personas que están suscritos al Newsletter. Si te gustaría probarlo por favor suscríbete y veras publicada la contraseña para poder descargar el programa.

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to download but the website keeps asking me for a password.
    Where can I get it?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Alexandre,
      Yes, I have temporarily set a password because it is still in an early development stage and I want to make sure it works for the majority of users before I make it pubic. If you would like to test the software please join the Newsletter where I will be publishing the password.

  4. Hi,

    Please count me in for the newsletter. Can you send me the password to download?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for subscribing to the Newsletter. I have just re sent the last post with the password so it should already be in your inbox.

  5. After following your installation video, soft arranger doesn’t open ( i already changed the security ‘open anyway’, but nothing happens. Any idea?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Michel,
      I’m sorry to hear about that. Let me contact you privately and lets see if we can figure out what’s happening.

  6. Hello,

    I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a while, but I am unable to download it due to the lack of password. How would I be able to get one?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Aron,
      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I’m not sure if currently Soft Arranger can do everything you expect but it is certainly a working version and it’s just a starting point and I promise it will get better.

      If you sign up to the Newsletter then the next time it is published you will receive the password.

      I hope you enjoy it an it lives up to your expectations.

  7. I have joined the newsletter a few days ago, but haven’t got the password yet.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Thanks for joining the Newsletter. I have re sent the newsletter for new subscribers. You should have it now.

  8. I have joined the newsletter, please send the password 🙂
    Thank you

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Berczy,
      You should have received the password automatically but just in case I just sent you an email.

  9. Hello, I’ve joined the newsletter and can’t wait to try it. I’ve been looking for an arranger for mac since ages.

  10. Hello!!
    I’ve been dreaming about something like this for years!!!!!
    i would like to try it but there is a password

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Sasi,
      You need to subscribe to the Soft Arranger newsletter and you will automatically receive the password.

      I hope you enjoy it!!


  11. Hello and thank you for making this available!

    Is there a way for the users to make their own styles? I play middle eastern music and need a lot of custom styles to perform. Your software could be huge if it enables custom style making, so if you can explain the style file format used and how to put together a custom one that would be awesome!

    Best regards,

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Sam,
      Yes users can make their own styles and it is not very difficult but I’m still fixing some bugs that make it a little harder than it should be so I haven’t made the procedure public yet. Soon I will be making a video tutorial explaining how to make your own styles for Soft Arranger and I will let everybody know in the Newsletter so stay tuned.

      The idea of Soft Arranger was to be as customizable as possible so using Reaper it will also be possible to change samples, synthesizer plugins, create your own effects, use different audio interfaces to have individual outputs or with a bit of work even use a different DAW all together.


      • This is great! Thanks!

        Is this project ever going to be open sourced? I would love to help!

        • http://admin says: -#4

          For the moment I don’t have plans to open source Soft Arranger but collaborations will surely be welcome. If this project actually takes off I could certainly use the help of coders, synth editors, sound engineers, style creators, etc… When this happens I will be posting it in the Newsletter so make sure to stay tuned.

  12. I am trying to download and it requests a password, and there is nowhere on the website where you can login or register . This is ridiculos !!!!!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Thanks for your suggestion. You are 100% correct. It is not at all clear and I appreciate you pointing it out. I will correct this ASAP.

      Apologies for your frustration.

  13. Now I got the password that you sent over the mail. But when I click the link , introduce the password, get the “correct password” message………I get a download that says “expired link “.
    Everything is very difficult……..can’t you keep it more simpe. We are muscicians not tecnicians

    • http://admin says: -#2

      This is a problem with the wordpress download manager affecting Chrome browsers on Windows. I have contacted the makers of this software several times but they insist it works perfectly for them. Since it is a free software there really isn’t much more I can do about it except wait for them to fix it or find an alternative but I don’t know of any.

      I was hoping this issue would be fixed by now but since it is taking longer than expected I will add a warning note.

  14. Não consigo baixar o arquivo. tem algum problema? Se possível me manda o arquivo por email.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Não vejo seu e-mail na lista de assinantes do boletim informativo. Ao assinar a newsletter, você receberá automaticamente a senha para download.


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