Pop Soul.SAS

A nice relaxing MIDI style to play all kinds of slow but happy songs like I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. Very simple and straight forward rhythm which you will surely enjoy playing many different songs to. To play this style on your PC or Mac computer you will need […]


Play one of the most iconic party rhythms of the 90’s on Soft Arranger. The Lambada. Accordions, congas, whistles, warm weather, dancers pressed close together, endless party. Download this MIDI style for Soft Arranger and you are in for a great time. Photo by Films Caribe

Urban Reggae.SAS

Take a break and chill out with this down tempo MIDI style for Soft Arranger. This is basically a Reggae rhythm in a more popular format which makes it perfect for songs that are originally from another genre. Made for playing The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars it will fit well with songs by Bob […]


A classic rhythm of the Caribbean. From Cuba to Puerto Rico you hear this tropical style which can include latin percussion like tumbadoras (congas), bongos and claves. Also brass ensembles, piano and all kinds of other awesomeness. With this free Soft Arranger style you will be able to play songs by Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, […]

Garage Pop.SAS

A very fun upbeat carefree almost punk rhythm style for Soft Arranger. Perfect for playing indie sounding songs like Bach Bunny’s Cloud 9 or I’ll Be There for You the Friends sitcom theme. Download and let yourself go wild! Listen to a short demonstration of a few patterns from this style. Photo by Harrison Haines

Synth Rock.SAS

Get under the spotlight with this powerful Synth Rock style for Soft Arranger. Ever wanted to play I Want to Break Free by Queen on your keyboard? Now you can do it but don’t stop there. With this style you will find you can play songs by the Weeknd to Roxette and everything in between. […]

Rock Strum.SAS

A couple of acoustic guitars strumming, some soft strings and a bass make up the most part of this fantastic style for Soft Arranger. Very inspirational for writing your own music and easily used for playing songs by others. Very simple yet powerful at the same time. Guaranteed fun for hours! Listen to a short […]

Slow Reggaeton 2.SAS

Grab yourself a mic and start rapping or take an instrument and let your improvisation skills take over with this chill reggaeton style for Soft Arranger. A very simple version of this popular rhythm which you will surely enjoy using to play songs like Bandido by Myke Towers, El Perdon by Nicky Jam and Enrique […]

Bachata 2.SAS

Another version of a beautiful Dominican rhythm in this new style for Soft Arranger. Great for dancing and perfect for making a bachata version of almost any song you can think of. Enjoy this free MIDI download and be sure to come back for more as the list is growing constantly.

Flamenco Pop.SAS

Crazy blend of Hip Hop, Flamenco, Pop and other influences in this cool style for Soft Arranger. This MIDI style is inspired by Montero (Call Me by Your Name) a hit by Lil Nas X and of course it it perfect for playing that song but if you really want to go wild use it […]