Check, check… testing, one two three…

woodOk post #1.

Looks like everything is working.

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  1. Hi, how can I obtain the password to download the software, please? thank you for the answer

  2. Hi, Sorry about that. I set up the website but wasn’t expecting any visits yet since I haven’t actually started promoting it. I see you have signed up to the newsletter. That’s great! In a couple of weeks I hope to make an announcement where you will be able to download and test Soft Arranger before anyone else.

    • Hello
      I tried the Softarranger, but despite following all the instructions to the letter, the agreements are not recognized.
      Also, can I use other DAWs like Cakewalk, Studio One instead of Reaper?
      Finally, to customize the arrangements, what rules should be followed?
      I have already made several arrangements for Korg, Roland, etc.
      Thank you in advance for your response.

      • http://admin says: -#3

        Hi Ivano,
        It is very strange what you say about the arrangements not being recognized. Could you give me some more info? Maybe error messages or steps to reproduce your problem.

        You can use an other DAW just fine. As a matter of fact flexibility is one of the philosophies behind Soft Arranger. The only problem is that you will have to create a whole sound bank and drum set which responds correctly to what Soft Arranger expects. I recommend starting as suggested (everything is free) and once you understand how everything works start making changes to adapt it to your workflow.

        Making your own arrangements isn’t officially supported yet. That basically means that you will probably run into problems due to bugs that haven’t been fixed yet and I won’t be able to help you. If you open an .SAS file with your usual midi file editor you can get an idea of how these files are structured.

        Soon I expect to make a video tutorial explaining how to create arrangement files so stay tuned to the Newsletter.


  3. Ok, thank you very much

  4. Hi!

    This is exactly the kind of software I’ve been looking for and I’m really excited to see where you’ll take it. Please add some tutorials/how-to’s on installation, sample playing videos, etc and update us here on your site.

    Thank you for working on it!

  5. http://admin says: -#1

    Thanks for your comments. That’s exactly what I’m working on right now. Check back here regularly and soon you will see what you are asking for.

  6. how can I obtain the password to download the software

  7. Hello I’d like to know when the software will be ready…I’m waiting for such long…thanks

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Giorgio,
      Sorry for the long wait. Soft Arranger has finally entered the beta testing stage. Hopefully if no big issues show up it will be made public in a couple of weeks. On the mean time if you would like to be one of the first to test it sign up to the newsletter to stay informed.

  8. Hello, I just discovered your site, I’m looking for an arranger worthy of the name, when do you think you can do it in demonstration to try. Sincerely, Frédéric

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Frederic,
      Please note that Soft Arranger is in its very early infancy so there are still many features missing. How far it will go depends mostly on the support I receive from the community.

      I haven’t made any demo videos yet although I do realize it is a priority because most people will want to know what it can do before downloading and installing everything. It will be soon, I promise. Sign up to the Newsletter to be one of the first people to find out.

      On the mean time you can stop by where I have uploaded a couple of installation tutorials. One for Windows and one for Mac.


    I haven’t tried it yet, but congrats on the effort, and I’m sure it will work.

    P.S. Can i suggest 2 paths for development:

    1) Possibility to use current styles ( we all have some Casio or Yamaha or…style) so some conversion software would be a bonus
    2) Possibility so send MIDI to “real synth” Why not? Many of us have good workstations, and we want to use those sounds but as arranger keyboards

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Thanks for your support and confidence in this project.

      While I would like Soft Arranger to be able to play other style formats and maybe one day it will the truth is that currently there aren’t any plans to include this feature. An other option would be some kind of converter application.

      Your second suggestion about sending to “real synth” is definitely on the to do list. I just don’t know when this feature will be available. Currently with a virtual midi cable you can send the output of Soft Arranger to an external synth but it will send all the MIDI channels and no remapping of PG messages or drum maps will be available so not much use.

      Eventually for example you will be able to send only MIDI channel 2 to external midi and you will be able to edit a PG change map so that when a certain instrument is called on Soft Arranger the correct one will be called on the external synth.

  10. Hello, how to get the password to try your software. Thank you in advance

  11. I think that this program is not yet ready, so there is no Password or registration

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Magdy,
      Currently Soft Arranger has just entered the beta testing stage. If you would like to be updated with the latest news you can join the newsletter.

  12. Hello, how to get the password to try your software for mac? Thank you.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Dusko,
      If you would like to try Soft Arranger it is currently just starting the beta stage. You can join the newsletter where I will be letting subscribers know the password for testing.

  13. Please will you update us all on availability of Password.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Jazi,
      Soft Arranger is ready for early testing. Join the Newsletter and I will be letting subscribers know the password and setup instructions.

  14. Hi, I would like to get password to download and try this soft arranger.

    Thank you,


    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Igor,
      Please join the Newsletter to get the password and stay informed of software updates and new styles when they are released.

  15. Is the password for the download available?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Ismael,
      Yes, for the moment Soft Arranger has just entered an early beta stage and I’m letting a small group of people test it. Please join the newsletter to find out how.

  16. I’ve been looking for that type of software for a long time. How do I get a password to download it?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Michel,
      I hope Soft Arranger lives up to your expectations. Please note that at the moment it is at a very early stage of development and there is a huge list of features that still need to be added.

      If you would like to try Soft Arranger please join the Newsletter and I will be posting the password for early testing.

  17. As anyone else, need the password.

  18. Hello Soft arranger, looks like this gonna be a fantastic piece of software. I wish I could try it out, however its asking for a password. Any idea how to go about? Thank you.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Vijay,
      Thanks for your positive message. I also hope Soft Arrange is truly fantastic one day. For the moment while it is just in an early beta stage and there are many features missing I can already say I’ve been using it for performing live for a few years and I find it a lot of fun to use.

      If you would like to try it you can join the Newsletter where I will be posting the password.

  19. Is it for when?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Miguel,
      A completely finished version might still take months, years or might never even happen. It all depends on the feedback and support I get from the community.

      For the moment you can try the beta version which I have just started letting a small number of people try out. Please join the Newsletter to find out how.

  20. Hi, I’m visually empaired, and would like to test your software for accessibility. I was unable to sign to newsletter. I periodically will check if downlload is available

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Germano,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. The truth is that I’m not a formal programmer and I’m not sure what are the best practices for creating accessible applications. What I can say is that since Soft Arranger was designed for use in front of a live audience (high visibility and ease of use) once you are set up it doesn’t require much user feedback apart from playing chords or notes on your MIDI keyboard and hitting the Intro, Break, Loop and Outro triggers which you can do without looking especially if you are using a Novation Launchpad like I do.

      I apologize for the problems with the Newsletter. I have recently changed to mailchimp and I have added you manually. I hope it goes smoothly now. In the Newsletter you will receive information on how to download and test the beta version if you like.

  21. Hi, I’d like to test Soft Arranger, but I’can’t because I’ve no password. Of course I’ll buy it if it corresponding to my needs. Please help to fixe this issue.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hello Daniel,
      Thanks for your interest in Soft Arranger. This is a free application (and I hope it will continue to be free) so there is no need to buy it. If you would like to try an early beta version please join the Newsletter where I will be posting the password.

  22. Hello, how to get the password to try your software. Thanks

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi, if you subscribe to the Soft Arranger Newsletter you will be informed of the password and any new styles as they are made available.

  23. Hi,

    is it possible to get the Password? I would like to test the arranger Software please.

    thanks in advance!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Nawar,
      Sure, just subscribe to the Newsletter to find out how to download the beta version.

      Thank you for your interest!

  24. Hello….
    I need a password for download!

  25. Hello
    I’m curious to try your software. From the reviews it seems promising.
    Can you please send me the password to download?



  26. Hi, How can I get a password to download?

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Hi, How can I get a password to download ?

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Hi I want try your software! How can I obtain password for download? Thanks in advance!

  29. If free, why Pass??!!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Sazataei,

      I put a password on the download because it is still in early beta stages and I’m just letting a small group of people test it. Slowly this group is growing and now I’m letting subscribers of the Newsletter try it. If you would like to try this beta version please subscribe to the Newsletter. If you are not interested in subscribing to the Newsletter I expect that in a few weeks Soft Arranger will be available to the general public without a password.

  30. Hello, I would be interested in trying the software.
    Can you please share the download password?

    Many thanks,

    P.S. Happy 2020 🙂

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Giulio,
      The password is currently being posted on the Newsletter. Please subscribe if you would like to get it.

      A belated happy new year to you too!

  31. Hi,
    still waiting for the launch – but downloading is protected with the still unknown password.
    Can we expect any launch or has the project been shut down?
    All the best

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Joerg,
      Sorry for the silence. The Soft Arranger project is very much alive. Recently I’ve made the beta version available to subscribers of the Newsletter and I will be posting new styles on a regular basis starting from now.

      If you would like to stay updated please subscribe to the Newsletter.

  32. The password for download ? Thanks.

  33. Hello, How can I get a password to download ?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Jorch,
      Eventually no password will be needed but for the moment it is only available to subscribers of the Newsletter. Please subscribe to the Newsletter if you don’t want to wait.

  34. Hello,
    Password to download please.
    Many Thanx

  35. how to obtain password to download

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Miguel,
      You just need to subscribe to the Newsletter to get the password and instructions.

      Thanks for your interest in Soft Arranger.

  36. ma la password per il download è disponibile?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Buongiorno Domenico,

      Al momento Soft Arranger è ancora in versione beta e sto solo permettendo alle persone che si iscrivono alla Newsletter di provarlo. Se desideri provarlo, iscriviti e puoi vedere la password pubblicata.


  37. Hello, How can I get a password to download ?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi George,
      Soon no password will be needed but since Soft Arranger is in a very early beta stage I’m just asking the subscribers of the Newsletter to try it. If you would like to try it please subscribe and you will see the password published.

  38. Hiya Guys,

    Very keen to try or buy Soft Arranger.

    Can you please send over the passwsord?

    Thanks in advaqnce,

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Dean,
      No need to buy. Soft Arranger is free. Currently it is still in a early beta stage and I’m making it available only to subscribers of the Newsletter. If everything goes smoothly I expect to make it available to the general public in a couple of weeks. On the mean time if you would like to try it before everybody else you can join the Soft Arranger Newsletter where I’m publishing the password.

  39. Hi! nice projec! Please, can I have the password to download it? thank you so much

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Umberto,
      Thanks for your support. If you subscribe to the Soft Arranger Newsgroup, that is where I’m currently posting the the password for a small number of early adopters.

  40. I understand that the project is still in development! It’s very interesting and promising project! If there are difficulties so let’s gather a team and make it the best of its kind!

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Darek,
      Thanks for your support. Maybe in the future I will ask users for some kind of help. Right now a beta version is ready for testing and depending on how it goes I will be considering different routes for the future of Soft Arranger.

  41. Hi, How can I get a password to download ?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Noric,
      If you like you can join the Soft Arranger Newsletter to get the password or if you prefer to wait, in a couple of weeks I expect to make it available to the general public.

  42. Hello what password is it?

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hello Martin,
      Currently there is a password because Soft Arranger is in an early beta stage and I’m letting people test it little by little. If you would like try it please join the Newsletter where I’m sharing the password.

  43. Cool project. I can’t wait to try it!

  44. Password ,please.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Piero,
      I see you are already subscribed to the Newsletter. I just resent it for new subscribers and you should now have the password.

  45. Not starting on Big Sur. I can imagine, it’s still Beta…

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Ronald,
      Thanks for letting me know. So far it’s the first report I have gotten but I imagine there isn’t a lot of people using Big Sur yet so we will see if I get more reports the next few months.

      I suppose you have given the required permissions as explained in the video tutorial. We all know how picky Apple is when it comes to “unofficial” software.

      Please keep me posted.

  46. import export buttons not showing at bottom of actions menu, tried reloading reaper but still not showing.
    is there another way to import the file that sws- creates.

    thanks steve

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Steve.

      This has changed slightly in Reapers since a couple of months ago.

      You will see that in the Actions window where you are missing the button there is a new button called “Key map…” if you click it you will see “Import shortcut key map…”. This is the same as the old “Import” button and from here you can proceed as described in the video.

      I hope everything works perfectly now.

  47. Hello,

    I installed Soft Arranger on my iMac (Catalina 10.15.7). It works very well, the sounds produced are of very good quality!

    On the other hand, is it planned to be able to easily change the instruments used in the different styles? For example, the “Lambada” style uses the accordion for the melody, and I would like to be able to change it on the fly during performance.

    The base is very good, with a simple and efficient interface, but are there any plans to continue the evolution towards a “production” version?
    Best regards
    Jean Pierre

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hi Jean Pierre,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I really do hope that someday Soft Arranger will become a finished non beta program but I’m not sure how soon that will be. It will depend mostly on how many users it has and how much help or support I get.

      Regarding your question about changing the instruments. You can change instruments on the fly for the right hand of the main keyboard by sending a Program Change message on MIDI CH3 from your keyboard. Keep in mind that not all Program Change numbers have instruments associated with them so for some numbers nothing will happen when you do this. To know what number corresponds to each instrument you can check by going to Reaper > Extensions > Live Configs. Config # 3 will show you the instruments for MIDI CH3 (the right part of the main keyboard).

      As a side note, in this Live Configs window if you double click on the number next to the instrument name you will be selecting that instrument, so this is another way to select instruments on the fly.

      Finally you can edit the style so that the instruments you want will be loaded with the style automatically every time. To do this you need to change the extension of the style from .sas to .mid this way you can open it in your usual MIDI editor or DAW. You need to find the track called “R control” and you can change the Program Change message to whatever you want. After that just save the MIDI file and change the extension back to .sas.

      I hope this is what you needed. If not let me know and I will try and help you further.


  48. I attempted to create a style by observing existing styles in Reaper since the software author has never instructed users on how to create styles. As I’m writing this I don’t know if and how I can upload that style.

    I was never able to make it work properly with the TX16Wx plug-in (All tracks except the drums were played by the electric piano program). But it works well with the Roland Sound Canvas plug-in. And it works some of the time with my Yamaha DGX-640 keyboard.

    To use a VST or AU plug-in you don’t need to follow the installation process but you still need the Arranger Port to direct Soft Arranger’s output to your regular Reaper (not the one inside the Soft Arranger Package) or other DAW. In the DAW you create a track with the GM compliant multi-instrument plug-in as output and Soft Arranger Port or All Midi as input.
    Don’t forget to uncheck the send PC as CC 109 checkbox.

    To use an external multichannel hardware synth you can just change midi output from the plugin to the external synth. You can even bypass Reaper completely and change the Sound Source MIDI Port in Soft Arranger to your synth’s MIDI port. Strangely when I bypass Reaper it doesn’t always work as expected and I can’t figure out why.

    I started from a Pat Metheny song I had in MIDI format. If I’m able to upload the style those who know his music will recognize the song.

    I will not be using Soft Arranger in the future because of poor support, missing features and some annoying bugs but if someone asks for it I will make a post explaining how to create a style. The software is promising but still beta. Maybe the author should consider completing the software and charging for it. I’ve been using One Man Band for a while it has nice features although it’s limited to Yamaha styles but I don’t like the user interface and I found another Software Arranger called Giglad that seems to offer all the features I’m looking for. I’ll test the 45 days trial version and see if it’s worth the money.

    In the Setup instructions for MAC from March 2020, the author writes:
    “Please stop by often to check for software updates and new styles which will be coming out regularly.”

    So much for that. I think the author has abandoned development.

  49. I’m a 1-person acoustic guitarist and vocalist. I want to select only the drum/percussion section of an arranger style and then play the start/stop/fills/intro/outro sections via foot-pedals while I’m performing.

    I’m not looking to play chord progressions or other sounds from the arranger, only the selected drum style and its variations. I will not have a keyboard or any other hardware/software on stage. Just my guitar, the arranger software and my foot-pedals.

    Can your arranger software be configured to achieve this for me? Thanks.

    • http://admin says: -#2

      Hello PV,

      Soft Arranger could do this but it must be made compatible with your foot-pedal. Let me know what foot-pedal you are using and I will get back to you with a more concise answer of how feasible that would be.


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