Professional software midi arranger for PC and Mac


Soft Arranger has turned out to be fun and useful in a variety of situations.


Since Soft Arranger was designed for live performance, on stage in front of an audience is where it shines it's brightest.

Reliability, speed, ease of use and high contrast user interface are just some of the key features that will help you deliver a smooth and stress free performance.

Performing live



Omit the choruses if you want to go over the verse until it's perfect or you can repeat a line or solo indefinitely. Practice in different tones or at slower tempo. You decide.


Choose a style and try your song with different chord combinations. It can't be simpler. You will hear the arrangement with a whole band as you play.

Using Soft Arranger for composing

If a style doesn't match exactly what you had in mind for your composition you can easily modify it with your usual midi editor.

For partying

Be the star of the event. Follow the crowd when they sing along. Let the conga line get as long as it wants. No need to worry, you can improvise for as long as the audience demands.

You just need a laptop to make music so you can go anywhere with your "band". A camp fire, a car trip, under the stars or simply by yourself at home. Find out how.

Soft Arranger logo

Just for fun

You can have loads of fun with this software. You will feel like an orchestra conductor but without the years of hard study.

Fun with soft arranger

Play covers, change the lyrics, improvise, play a flute solo in the middle of the grunge version of your favorite Beatles song, just do what you want...



Soft Arranger doesn't make any sound on it's own. It only sends MIDI data so you are going to need a virtual MIDI cable to send that data to your virtual instruments which you will also need to download. Download all the required software >>


Once you have installed everything (on your Mac or PC) you need configure a few settings. It's not difficult and if you follow these simple steps it will be a snap. Click here for Windows setup >> or here for Mac setup >>


Get some styles from the database and start playing. The list of styles is growing steadily so check back often. Also is always nice to hear your recommendations for new styles. Click here to download free styles >>
 1 file(s)  13 downloads
May 30, 2020 Download
Glam Rock.SAS
 1 file(s)  15 downloads
May 26, 2020 Download
Romantic Ballad.SAS
 1 file(s)  17 downloads
May 24, 2020 Download
Jazzy Rap.SAS
 1 file(s)  22 downloads
May 19, 2020 Download
Spanish Cumbia.SAS
 1 file(s)  21 downloads
May 15, 2020 Download
 1 file(s)  15 downloads
May 13, 2020 Download
80s Rock n Roll.SAS
 1 file(s)  28 downloads
May 8, 2020 Download
Deep House.SAS
 1 file(s)  28 downloads
May 6, 2020 Download
Mariachi Bolero.SAS
 1 file(s)  20 downloads
May 5, 2020 Download
Soft Country.SAS
 1 file(s)  35 downloads
April 29, 2020 Download
Alt Rock.SAS
 1 file(s)  37 downloads
April 24, 2020 Download
Epic Waltz.SAS
 1 file(s)  32 downloads
April 21, 2020 Download
Arpeggio Ballad.SAS
 1 file(s)  40 downloads
April 18, 2020 Download
Gipsy Disco.SAS
 1 file(s)  35 downloads
April 14, 2020 Download
Pop Rock.SAS
 1 file(s)  35 downloads
April 12, 2020 Download
Neo Disco.SAS
 1 file(s)  41 downloads
April 7, 2020 Download
Slow Reggaeton.SAS
 1 file(s)  46 downloads
April 6, 2020 Download
Bouncy Pop.SAS
 1 file(s)  41 downloads
March 31, 2020 Download
 1 file(s)  49 downloads
March 27, 2020 Download
Sentimental Pop.SAS
 1 file(s)  49 downloads
March 25, 2020 Download
Soft Folk Rock.SAS
 1 file(s)  513 downloads
March 17, 2020 Download
Slow Cha Cha.SAS
 1 file(s)  216 downloads
March 17, 2020 Download
Funky Disco.SAS
 1 file(s)  254 downloads
March 17, 2020 Download

The styles

About the styles used by Soft Arranger

Soft Arranger uses it's own style format which has some advantages.
  • 32 Patterns per style
  • Each pattern can have illimited length
  • All 32 patterns can be an intro, ending, break or loop
  • All 16 midi channels are available for music
  • Simplified style creation
  • And much more...