Mac setup

These are the instructions to get set up for the first time on a Mac computer.

NOTE: Plug in any USB midi keyboards or controllers before you start Soft Arranger or else they will not be available.

    1. Download SA from and extract to a pendrive or external drive named SA PORTABLE.
      It should contain:Instructions for MAC.txt
      Instructions for WINDOWS.txt
      /Library/ settings.ini
      /Reaper/KeyMaps/SA Reaper Actions.ReaperKeyMap
      /Reaper/FXChains/SAFX/(a number of .RfxChain files)
      /Soundbank/(a number of folders with files)
      /Styles/(a number of .sas and .txt files)


    2. Download Reaper from and start the installer.
      Drag the installation folder into the SA PORTABLE/Reaper folder.
      Start Reaper by clicking on the icon inside the SA PORTABLE/Reaper folder. Then close it again.
    3. Download TX16Wx from and start the installer.
      When you get to the message “Standard Install on…” click on “Change Install Location…”
      Click on SA PORTABLE and “Continue”.
    4. Download SWS/S&M Extension from and start the installer.
      Drag the installation icon into SA PORTABLE/Reaper/UserPlugins.
    5. Download and install JAVA (if necessary) from
      Follow the instructions on their website.
    6. Create a virtual MIDI cable
      Find and open “Audio MIDI Setup”.
      In the menu go to Window > Show MIDI Studio.
      Double click on “IAC Driver”.
      In the window that pops up click the plus symbol.
      Double click on the name of the new port that you just created and rename it to “Arranger Port”.
      Make sure “Device is online” is checked.
    7. Set preferences in Reaper:
      Open Reaper by double clicking on the icon in SA PORTABLE/Reaper and when it starts go to the menu REAPER > Preferences…General > Keyboard/Multitouch > Assign keyboard shortcuts to actions or change existing shortcuts.
      In the window that pops up click Import/export… > Import…
      SA PORTABLE/Reaper/KeyMaps/SA Reaper Actions.ReaperKey

      MapAudio > Device > Audio Device:
      Choose device you will be using. Default is fine.

      Audio > MIDI Devices > MIDI Inputs to make available:
      Right click on “Arranger Port” and select “Enable input” and “Enable input for control messages”.

      Appearance > Track Control Panels > Volume fader range:
      You must change “to” from +12dB to +9dB

      Plug-ins > VST > Edit > Add…
      SA PORTABLE/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
      SA PORTABLE/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

    8. Set preferences in Soft Arranger
      Open Soft Arranger by double clicking on Soft_Arranger.jar
      In the first screen you must set up how you will control Soft Arranger depending on your personal setup.
      “Select your sound generator MIDI port:” must be set to “Arranger Port”.
      Click on “Select Folder” and chose the folder where your styles will be (currently SA PORTABLE/Styles).
      Make sure “Send PG as CC” is selected.

From now on whenever you want to play Soft Arranger styles you just need to open SA.RPP from the portable instalation and then Soft Arranger by double clicking on Soft_Arranger.jar and you are ready to go.

Please stop by often to check for software updates and new styles which will be coming out regularly.