Here you can find the software you will need to play Soft Arranger styles. You can download it all for free to get started.

There are a number of items to download but once you are done you will enjoy a small band that fits on a pen drive and which you can use for many different applications.

Basically the way it works is that Soft Arranger receives MIDI data from your keyboard then it sends arranged MIDI data to the virtual synthesizers hosted by the DAW (digital audio workstation). The DAW mixes everything and sends it to the sound card or audio output of your computer.

Soft Arranger signal flow
  • Soft Arranger
    You need to subscribe to the Soft Arranger Newsletter to receive the download link. You will be downloading a zip files containing the Soft Arranger software, presets and samples for the TX16Wx sampler, settings for Reaper, a demo style to get started and installation instructions. The subscription is required primarily so that you can be notified in case of any problems or important changes in the software. Of course you are welcome to unsubscribe any time you like.

  • Reaper
    The DAW of choice mostly because of flexibility and because it works on both mac and windows. Actually this is the only software that is not truly free although you can use it in trial mode. Buying Reaper is definitely recommended since a non professional license is dirt cheap. If you don’t want to use Reaper you can use any other DAW just fine but you will have to make your own presets which means quite a bit of extra work.

  • TX16Wx
    A really cool sampler plugin which will be needed for drums, synthesizers and samples to actually make sound.

  • SWS / S&M extension
    This is an extension for Reaper so that it will behave like a multitimbral synthesizer with presets that can be easily called up via MIDI.

  • loopMIDI (only for Windows users)
    You need a virtual MIDI cable to connect Soft Arranger to your DAW via MIDI. That is what we use loopMIDI for.  If you are on a Mac you don’t need to download anything because there is already a similar application already built into macOS.

Once you have everything downloaded just follow the included instructions and you will be playing music within minutes.